It has been a while since I’ve had the nerve to post anything. To be honest I really got hit hard by winter. The lack of snow, and unseasonal dampness combined to make December and January in Kingston Ontario particularly dreary and I have found myself, again and again falling into a state of environmental despair. My mind keeps turning to the record low ice levels in the Artic Ocean, feeling the heavy gray clouds floating above my head are only a small representation of the confused state of the place where the weather is born.

Finally, near the end of February, the sun is starting to come back. Its, unseasonably warm, birds are starting to sign, and the robins have come back early, I even managed to go for a swim a couple of days ago. My depression is lifting and things are looking up. As a result, I thought it would be nice to share this piece.

Hooray for this flying northern summer,

that drives winter into the abyss,

Our memories of seasons other,

Disappear in its sun soaked bliss.

Celebrate the deepening green of spring,

On every flowering tree and shrub,

When ice and snow no longer cling,

Cold grasp turns to loving flood.

Awake at night! The sun still shines

The eye that closed at dusk,

In winter when the sun would die

and turn the world to dust.

Begin! This half a year of warmth!

We need not much longer wait

Until the ever-present summer green

Kisses us goodnight!



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